Crazy year so far…

Dave Grohl’s Sound City film was finally released, followed by the soundtrack album, which I think peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 chart. And then “From Can To Can’t” went for a pretty good ride! Awesome. Went all the way to the top of the national Heritage Rock Radio chart. Sweeeeeeeet!

The Sanctuary has had some great bands passing through, too, with releases from Blaak Heat Shujaa, Dali’s Llama, and upcoming sophomore albums from Rise Of The Willing and The Freeks about to be unleashed. There’s a brutally emotional solo record by Ar’k’s bassist, Steve Gilliam, some film score stuff by Zach Huskey for Low Sound Desert, a documentary about the history of desert music out here… There’s a crazy un-named work-in-progress that I’m super stoked about: Fu Manchu’s Bob Balch and their drummer, “the other” Scott Reeder came in and blasted through some really intense stuff. They didn’t have any plans for bass besides Bob playing the parts (he’s an insanely great player, BTW), so I offered to try to get some parts on there – it’s difficult material, but I ended up on a good chunk of the record – gonna be awesome! There are still a few tracks left to put down, and then it’s down to mixing. Can’t wait to get this thing in the can!

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