My latest project, Toronto’s Electric Magma releases single…

Had a brilliant long Super Bowl weekend hanging with our Canadian friends, helping them realize their latest instrumental opus, Canadian Samurai II. They just released the first single, Slut Dust…

Listen here:

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  1. admin says:

    Review by A.V. Club:

    Electric Magma, “Slut Dust”
    Who says Toronto doesn’t have a stoner rock scene? The instrumental trio Electric Magma has been sludging it out in local dives for the past 10 years and, while the group prefers the term “beer rock,” the Palm Desert overtones in its resin-stained riffery can be smelled from a mile away. The new single “Slut Dust” was mixed by Scott Reeder of Kyuss, one of the kings of the stoner age. So there’s also that.
    Recreational vices of choice aside, “Slut Dust” is one heck of a mean trip. A thick, fuzzy Camaro ride of a groove gets it rolling, with the seat reclined and engine purring. Hendrix-fied, unflappable wah riffs make you think seatbelts are optional. But then newly recruited skinman Mario Lunardo hijacks the driver’s seat and makes the gas pedal his bitch, slowing the riff down, speeding it up, shifting gears to 3/4 time and speeding up again, while tossing in octopus-limbed Peart-esque fills just because he can. Before you know it, you’ve been flung through the windshield and you’re holding onto your neighbour’s front lawn so you don’t fall off of the earth. Suddenly, the term beer rock makes a lot more sense. (Don’t drink and drive, kids).

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